PTM Walks, Yana Greets and Socializes the Covid-19 Virus to Students

Face-to-face Learning (PTM) has been carried out by students in Bandung for 2 days. The Acting Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana, visited a number of schools and also disseminated information about the Covid 19 virus.

BCC ADMIN Tuesday, 11 January 2022

After 2 days of face-to-face learning (PTM), the Acting Mayor (Plt) of the Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana, visited a number of schools.

Beginning with SD Babakan Tarogong, Yana greeted the students at the school. He also revealed about the Covid-19 virus.

Yana also continued monitoring at SD Asmi and SD As Salam.

Starting from controlling to how to avoid the virus. Yana, who is also a Covid-19 survivor, emphasized that students must comply with health protocols.

"Alhamdulillah, the second day of PTM implementation in Bandung City. It will be divided into 100 percent, 75 percent, and 50 percent, depending on the readiness of each school," Yana said on the sidelines of the review, Tuesday 11 January 2022.

Yana said the students were very happy with PTM. However, health protocols must continue to run strictly.

"In principle, children like to meet their friends at school," said Yana.

He emphasized that the health protocol was an important reference in the implementation of PTM.

"Thank God, I saw that the implementation of the health protocol was good. The shift went well. Earlier I also had the opportunity to convey the character of the Covid-19 virus with their understanding," he said.

"Continue to carry out health protocols for various activities with normal adaptation to new habits," he said.

Yana emphasized that no school should impose 100 percent PTM if it does not meet the requirements.

"You can't, if there is already an SOP, the regulation and supervision is in the Education Office. You have to be careful," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the SD Babakan Tarogong students, Ardi (12) was happy with this PTM. He can meet friends and most importantly when he doesn't understand in learning he can immediately ask questions.

"I'm happy now. If I don't understand, I can ask straight away. It's the same with friends," he said.

In a different place, the homeroom teacher for Class 1B SDN Asmi, Euis Wari Kurniawati explained, for the lower class entry hours, session 1 is from 07.00 WIB to 10.00 WIB. Session 2, 10.30 WIB - 13.30 WIB.

There are 2 meetings a week, Monday and Wednesday for Lower Grades 1-2-3, Tuesday and Thursday for High Grades such as grade 4, grade 5 and grade 6.

"Especially Friday is used for habituation and evaluation of learning. Habituation of learning is like religious habituation, praying Dhuha in turns. For example, this Friday will be filled with 4th graders, next Friday will be filled with 5th graders," said Euis.

In addition, what must be evaluated during this PTM by teachers to students is the aspect of learning which will be evaluated every Friday. Both in terms of shortcomings, student regulations when entering and in terms of the task force so that it can be corrected again in the following week.

"All children from SDN 003 Asmi have been vaccinated," explained Euis.

He also appealed to parents even though they have entered a limited PTM, parents must still take care of their children to comply with the 6M health protocol.

Namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap in running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, reducing mobility, avoiding eating together. And don't forget to bring hand sanitizer.

"Parents and students are advised to bring a drink in a tumbler and bring lunch from home, that's one of the protocol requirements at school. Because the school canteen is closed," Euis added. (yes)**