Sophisticated! Now Ambulances of Bandung City Can be Traced on AMS Application

The Bandung City Government worked together with PT. Telkomsel in maximizing health services through Global Positioning System (GPS) installation.

Din Friday, 08 April 2022 22:29
Siaran Pers Diskominfo Kota Bandung 8 April 2022

The Bandung City Government worked together with PT. Telkomsel in maximizing health services through Global Positioning System (GPS) installation to 67 ambulances spread in public health services and health facilities.


All the ambulances are integrated on Ambulance Management System (AMS) application developed by PT. Telkom. This advancement eases Public Safety Center (PSC) 199 Bandung employees managed by the Health Agency (Dinkes) of Bandung City in providing ambulances for people in need.


During the submission of AMS application in the City Hall of Bandung City on Friday, 8 April 2022, the Acting Mayor of Bandung City, Yana Mulyana, appreciated it and expressed his hopes for health facility advancement.


“During Covid-19 delta variance, there was a rumour of many ambulances deliberately coming back and forth to ignite fear in people. With this application, we can see operating ambulances’ effectivity,” Yana said.


Through AMS application, the Bandung City Government can also monitor health facilities that handle various accidents the most. As a result, the Bandung City Government can make appropriate measures.


“Fundamentally, everything must be based on data to be valid. For example, if in a region, ambulances are actively operating at distance. Then, it may mean that we have to provide additional public health services. This can help us in making decisions,” he emphasized.


In fact, positional data of each ambulance, from where it is heading to its vehicle number plate can be integrated to Bandung Command Center (BCC).


“In line with our targets to make Bandung a smart city, so, actually, everything should be integrated,” he said.


As a response, the Officer of Fleet Sales and Channel Management of PT. Telkomsel, Akbar P. Sampoerna, stated that the given application was to ease call centre 119 in controlling and viewing ambulance needs in Bandung City.


“We made AMS to be as simple as possible to be used by 119 employees,” Akbar said.


With one click, data of integrated ambulances will be shown.


“We can also see the nearest ambulance. So, it can be immediately and easily accessed by the public,” he said.


Akbar added that for the server, all data would be automatically saved in PT. Telkomsel’s cloud. In addition to ambulances, other health facilities required by the public would be integrated within this applicated as well.


“Although, currently, we are still developing it according to the Bandung City Government’s needs. It is to be combined with all facilities in Bandung City,” he said.


Additionally, the Head of Dinkes of Bandung City, dr. Ahyani Raksanagara, said that currently, out of 88 units of ambulances, 67 of which had been integrated with GPS.


“The Bandung City Government has 88 units of ambulances. However, there are some with minor issues to be operating. So, only 67 of them have been integrated,” Ahyani said.


Ahyani said that, while repairing the other units, they would keep listing health facility needs to be included on the AMS application. (din)*

The Head of the Communication and Informatics Agency of Bandung City 

Yayan A. Brilyana