Approaching the Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Bandung City Is Prepared to Welcome the KAA Anniversary

Bandung City is prepared to welcome the 67th anniversary of Asian-African Conference (KAA). It was stated by the Head of Asian-African Conference Museum, Dahlia Kusuma Dewi, during the rehearsal of the flag hoisting ceremony of Asian-African countries that will be held on Monday, 18 April 2022.

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To the Public Relations of Bandung, Dahlia said that the current KAA anniversary would be held again after a two-year vacuum due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She also ensured the festivity of KAA would also be followed by imposing strict health protocols.


“Today, we are holding the rehearsal for the flag hoisting ceremony of Asian-African countries for Monday. This event is held again for the first time since 2020,” she said, Saturday, 16 April 2022.


The flag hoisting ceremony of Asian-African countries involves students of Kwarcab Scout Bandung. Dahlia said that it would be involving 280 students.


Additionally, there are still other 30 students in the marching band division.


Dahlia also said that the rundown for this year’s KAA started from April to June 2022.


“There are many events and the (climax of the) event is in June. There are around 8 events that we are preparing for the timeline,” she said.


According to the Instagram account @asiaafricamuseum, in April 2022, there would be the 67th anniversary of KAA and the 42nd anniversary of the KAA museum.


This event involves the flag hoisting and lowering ceremony of Asian-African countries and tea party at the evening with the witnesses of KAA on the day of the flag lowering ceremony. Next, there is a new stamp for the KAA’s anniversary will be released.


The next events in May cover: Asian African Friendship Day: International Students Gathering, blood donation, and the International Museum Day.


Whereas in June, a new comic and mascot of KAA will be released, and there will be MKAA concert and Bandung Historical Study Games.


Festivied once again

Even though it would be festive, Dahlia ensured that the KAA’s anniversary would still impose strict health protocols. For your information, the flag hoisting ceremony of Asian-African countries on Monday will involve 280 squads of the Kwarcab Scout Bandung and 30 drum band members.


The scouts’ involvement, according to Dahlia, was the first time after two years. She hoped that involvement from various parties in this event would foster the spirit and reminiscence of the history that happened in Bandung City.


She also said that Bandung City’s role as a historical city for world peace was significant through the KAA conference.


“We want to recall those memories. Hopefully, the events that will be held could reminisce those memories,” she said.


The flag hoisting ceremony will be held both online and offline. The offline event will be held in the Asian-African Conference Museum, Merdeka Building Bandung. The online event can be viewed through the zoom meeting and live broadcast on the Museum’s YouTube account.


“Thanks to the Bandung City Government and the Covid-19 Taskforce of Bandung City. We will still impose complying with health protocols during the festivities,” she said.


Nurturing Historical Memories

Dahlia also asked, particularly to Bandung City residents, to nurture historical memories that happened in Bandung City through the KAA conference. Amidst limitations, she said that MKAA would try to bring festivities of KAA once again.


She also said the KAA’s anniversary was inseparable with Bandung City. Once every 10 years, this historical event is held lively by Bandung City residents.


As a reminder, the 60th KAA’s anniversary in 2015 was held with festivities. The Asia Afrika St. of Bandung City even came with a new design.


She also hoped that, in 2025 or precisely at the 70th anniversary of KAA, the event could be held.


Therefore, the KAA’s anniversary in 2022 is the first step in celebrating the 10-year anniversary in 2025.


“Don’t forget, Bandung is a historical city. Not only for Indonesia, but also for the world peace,” she said. (ray)**

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