Bandung City Government Continues Livestock Vaccination

The Bandung City Government (Pemkot) ensures that the prevention of Mouth and Nail Disease (FMD) in livestock continues.

Humas Kota Bandung Saturday, 06 August 2022 15:59
Walikota Bandung Yana Mulyana memantau kegiatan Vaksin PMK.

Head of the Bandung City Food and Livestock Security Agency, Gin Gin Ginanjar, revealed that his party had injected the first dose of 200 animals ahead of the last Eid al-Adha.

While the second dose has also been given to 200 animals.

"The second dose was 200 doses on August 2 yesterday. It's not all complete, because some of the initial vaccine was sold and cut during the sacrifice. There are 200 doses (the first) also vaccine and up to now only 256 doses have been used. We take advantage of this vaccine, " he explained at the Bandung City Hall, Saturday 6 August 2022.

Gin gin said that for now, priority is given to cattle that have a long life, such as breeders, including dairy cows.

If it is not used for cattle, then the vaccine is used for goats or sheep, mainly during the breeding period.

"If there is none (for cows) it is recommended for sheep or goats. Especially in nurseries. In principle, please go to their respective regions so that this vaccine can be used," said Gin Gin.

He explained that current vaccines in animals, just like humans, have first and second, even for humans there is a booster vaccine.

"This is two vaccines, like we (humans) are repeated, there is a first dose and a second dose, this is the same. The first vaccine is then 4 weeks, followed by the second," said Gin Gin.

According to him, the second vaccine is relatively controlled in preventing disease in animals.

"The central government is currently opening up to the regions and asking about the need for animal vaccines. This is so that animals become healthy and people feel safe," said Gin Gin. (yes)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Technology

Yayan A. Brilyana