Hurray! Around 50,000 Houses in East Bandung Will Have Clean Water

Clean water services for the people of the East Bandung area (Blok Gedebage) were accelerated with the launch of a new installation of water installations, Wednesday 10 November 2022.

Humas Kota Bandung Thursday, 10 November 2022 15:06

This new installation is a collaboration between the Bandung City Government and PDAM Tirtawening and is supported by the Bandung City DPRD. For information, currently, the construction of the Cikalong drinking water treatment plant has been completed.

Mayor of Bandung Yana Mulyana in her speech said that this water installation is intended for residents in the eastern area of ​​Bandung City, whose clean water needs have not been met so far.

"I hope that people in the eastern region can take advantage of this opportunity by registering to get clean water services suitable for consumption for a better quality of life," said Yana.

He also hopes that Perumda Tirtawening can continue to increase its clean water treatment capacity, so that the entire community can be well served.

"To Perumda Tirtawening, I ask to continue to maintain the trust of the residents by improving clean water services and administration so that they are included in the category of excellent service. Don't forget to maintain the network so that there are no leaks in the distribution of water for residents, "said Yana.

Yana also reminded the people of Bandung City who have received clean water services to stay frugal. Because, there are still many people who have not been served.

"Clean water treatment is quite expensive, so we must be wise in its use," said Yana.

The new installation of a special water installation for the East Bandung area received a positive response from the Chairman of the Bandung City DPRD, Tedy Rusmawan.

According to him, the problem of clean water is the top 5 aspirations of the people of Bandung which are accommodated through the Bandung City DPRD.

"This is a momentum for Perumda Tirtawening to provide the best service for the community," said Tedy.

He hopes that the people of Bandung City can take advantage of this facility as much as possible.

In the same place, the President Director of Perumda Tirtawening Sonny Salimi said that the presence of water services to the people of the East Bandung area (Blok Gedebage) could not be separated from the support of the Bandung City Government, Bandung City DPRD, and Bandung City Chief of Staff.

"This is a form of service from Perumda Tirtawening, especially for the people of Bandung City," said Sonny.

Technically, water treatment to drain the Gedebage Block area is carried out on an IT-based basis. The area drained by this channel includes the following boundaries:

- North Boundary: Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Bandung City,
- Southern Boundary: Cileunyi - Padalarang Toll Area,
- West Boundary: Buahbatu area, Bandung City,
- Eastern Boundary: Rancanumpang Area, Bandung City.

The water enters from the treatment channel in Cikalong (and also the Cisangkuy River), then it is treated in several stages, from sedimentation to filtration, before finally being accommodated in a reservoir tank.

After being collected, the water is then distributed to residents' homes through pipes 27 kilometers from the center to the final boundary of the Gedebage Block area. The water flow has a discharge of 700 liters per second.

The new water channel in the Gedebage Block area is estimated to be able to drain around 50,000 houses in the area. This is expected to improve basic water services in Bandung City, which in the Bandung City RPJMD is targeted at 25,000 houses. (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Technology


Yayan A. Brilyana