Through 155 CCTV, ATCS Monitors Bandung City Security

Bandung residents, has anyone ever received a direct warning from the traffic light CCTV? One of the superior services owned by the City of Bandung is known as the Area Traffic Control System (ATCS). Often inserting jokes, ATCS has its own charm in conveying appeals and socialization related to traffic order.

Humas Kota Badnung Tuesday, 22 November 2022 14:17
Liputan Khusus Layanan CCTV ATCS

Met at the Bandung City Hall ATCS office, ATCS Operator Coordinator, Yance Arvian explained, ATCS manages more than 200 CCTV.

"There are 155 active CCTVs, while 138 CCTVs are not active and still under repair. So, in total we manage 293 CCTVs at major intersections in Bandung City," said Yance.

A total of 17 officers divided into three shifts were deployed to monitor traffic CCTV in the city of Bandung.

"The ATCS service looks at how smooth traffic is and the situation of traffic conditions at that time through CCTV. We also give orders for orderly traffic to the public if something happens at the intersection," he explained.

To monitor and ensure traffic safety, ATCS collaborates with the Bandung Police, PMI, and the Fire Service. In fact, through CCTV, ATCS and the police managed to apprehend the perpetrators of the robbery at several points.

"One of them with Polrestabes Bandung, we have revealed a criminal case of robbery. The victim died because of the stabbing," he said.

"Through CCTV, the description of the perpetrators can be known, so that the perpetrators have been caught," he explained.

In addition to providing advice for orderly traffic, ATCS also provides CCTV access services for people in need. However, of course there are some requirements that need to be completed if the public wants to access CCTV ATCS.

"If there is a special CCTV that the public wants to access, please submit a letter to the Department of Transportation. If the letter has been received by the secretariat, it will be disposed of to the Division. Just go down to the ATCS Section," he explained.

He said, for people who need CCTV access to traffic intersections, immediately come to the ATCS office a maximum of 14 days after the incident.

Because CCTV footage owned by ATCS only lasts 14 days to a month.

"We also urge people who need CCTV footage to immediately come to ATCS. ​​Because CCTV videos only last for a period of one month or even two weeks depending on the camera specs," he appealed.

After the disposition letter is submitted to the ATCS section, at that time the required CCTV access services can be carried out.

In addition, the Bandung City ATCS also has several services, especially for monitoring the traffic situation, as well as education on traffic rules for school children.

"The name of the program is Saturday Fun. It is followed by school children from elementary to high school levels. It contains education about traffic safety. So we work together with the ranks of the accident and crime police," he said.

He also advised the people of Bandung City to always be able to order traffic. His party through ATCS always monitors 24 hours to ensure traffic in the city of Bandung is running safely.

"We continue to socialize and educate to jointly implement traffic order, especially in the city of Bandung," he added. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Technology

Yayan A. Brilyana