Proud! Young People in Bandung City Win Mother Language

The city of Bandung won the overall champion at the West Java Provincial Junior High School level Festival of Mother Language Shoots (FTBI) in Pangandaran Regency, last Thursday 1 December 2022.

Humas Kota Bandung Saturday, 03 December 2022 13:27
Festival Tunas Bahasa Ibu

FTBI for elementary and junior high schools was organized by the Language Center of West Java Province with 7 competitions namely Ngabodor Sorangan (Borangan), Writing Sundanese Script, Ngarang Carita Pondok, Biantara Basa Sunda, Ngadongeng, Maca Sajak and Nembang Pupuh.

The Head of Middle School Guidance and Development for the Bandung City Education Office, Dani Nurahman appreciated the achievements made by the FTBI participants who succeeded in becoming champions.

"Alhamdulillah, the city of Bandung won the overall champion title. We really appreciate and thank our supervisors, trainers, teachers, principals, MGMP Sundanese and all students who have made the city of Bandung proud at the provincial level," said Dani in Pangandaran Regency, Friday 2 December 2022.

This event, Dani continued, could introduce and preserve Sundanese culture to the younger generation.

The students enrolled in FTBI are selected students who have taken part in the city-level selection held last September.

However, Dani advised not to be satisfied with these results, continuing to develop will be better.

“All wins are not instant, there must be a process. So these children have time to prepare for the provincial level competition. We fully support student talent, of course this cannot be separated from the support and motivation from family and the environment," he said.

For information, FTBI is an effort to intensify the revitalization of regional languages targeting the younger generation.

In addition, as a medium of appreciation for participants in the regional language revitalization program which is carried out in stages starting from schools or learning communities at the sub-district, district/city levels.

In its implementation, FTBI involves the participation of accompanying teachers, regional language activists and local governments. This festival is held as an effort to realize diversity tolerance in Indonesia.

The Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Nadiem Makarim said that it is hoped that the Mother Language Shoots festival will provide access for participants so that later they will be even more proud to use the local language.

"This is a paradigm that we must push into society," said Nadiem.

The following is a list of the contest items won by the Bandung City contingent:

1st place for Men's Singing
1st Place Female Biantara
1st Winner of Princess Pupuh Nembang
1st Place Write the Sundanese Princess Script
2nd place in Writing Sundanese Script Men
Champion 2 Borgan
Champion of Hope 2 Writing Carita Pondok
FTBI General Champion
Favorite Yel Yel Champion

Meanwhile, for the Elementary School level, the West Java Province FTBI won the following winners:

1st place for composing Carpon Men
1st Place Men's Formwork
Champion of Hope 1 Nembang Pupuh Putra. (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana