Collaboration of Dekranasda and Facilitating 100 UMKM Actors Comes on the Potential of the Digital Market

Bandung City Dekranasda collaborated with (free platform for shortening links) to improve online marketing for 100 assisted MSMEs, Tuesday, March 7, 2023. The digitalization training took place at the Bandung Creative Hub.

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 07 March 2023 11:38

The Chairman of the Bandung City Dekranasda, Yunimar Mulyana, said that of the more than 400 MSMEs assisted by the Bandung City Dekranasda, only 100 brands were curated to take part in this event.

"Business actors who come online and offline. They are business people assisted by Dekranasda, Disdagin, Cooperatives and MSME Office, as well as PKK Mobilization Teams with UP2K," Yunimar explained.

He said, the business actors continued to be involved to develop their products. That way the local products of Bandung can be known not only local, but also to the international arena.

"They are here to get digitalization training because indeed now we have to be technology literate. If you want to improve products and can be known to the international, then we must be willing to learn so as not to stutter technology," he ordered.

In fact, with the presence of various platforms, the ease will be increasingly obtained by consumers when shopping for their needs.

"With this platform, we can be given the ease of accessing from home. Hopefully it can be utilized as well as possible so that the quality of the business of MSMEs can be further increased," he hoped.

He said, during the Pandemi yesterday, he received a lot of input from SMEs affected by the economic sector. In order to increase economic stretching in the city of Bandung, finally in 2020 the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) is trying to be able to bring MSME products at Big Malls.

"Alhamdulillah, we can exhibit at 9 malls. This mall must facilitate free. We curate according to the mall. There are special criteria, so we curated with the mall as well," he said.

Not only conducting exhibitions in malls around Bandung, the Bandung City Dekranasda also helped the SMEs for the exhibition to exit the island. Like the "Bandung Week Market" exhibition at Beach Walk, Kuta, Bali on August 13-18, 2022.

The plan, Dekranasda will again hold a creative market in July this year.

"The total turnover we got during the 2022 creative market exhibition was Rp20 billion.
We will continue to encourage and support MSMEs to develop because they are the one who raised the economy of the city of Bandung, "he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Marketing, Jamalul Izza explained, was present as a platform that could provide solutions to MSME online products. Especially when all digital conditions like today.

"Now the conditions are all digital. Especially when Covid-19 yesterday can be said that all must be completely online. The habit of consumers changed," explained Jamal.

So he hopes, with the presence of can make it easier for MSMEs to offer a variety of choices to consumers, but with a simpler and neater appearance.

"Surely it can also make it easier for entrepreneurs to sell and make it easier for buyers to choose the products they need," he added. (din) **

Head of Diskominfo Bandung City

Yayan A. Brilyana