Through Creative Markets, 46 MSME Products Displayed in 5 Star Hotels

The Bandung City Creative Market is back. A total of 46 MSME products assisted by Dekranasda Bandung City were present at Pullman Bandung Grand Central, Friday 17 March 2023.

Humas Kota Bandung Friday, 17 March 2023 15:04

The 46 products consist of 14 fashion products, 7 handicrafts and 25 culinary products. The activity in collaboration with Agung Podomoro is planned to last for six months.

The Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana said that MSME actors are the sector most resistant to recession and pandemic.

"During the pandemic, our economic growth was minus 2.26 percent. Then, in 2021 it will grow to 3.76 percent. In 2022 our economic growth rate will increase sharply to 5.41 percent," said Yana.

He added, every Creative Market activity or exhibition that is held, MSME entrepreneurs only need to bring their products.

"We have worked with seven major malls in the city of Bandung. Hopefully a collaboration system like this can encourage MSME players to continue to innovate and increase their sales. The government is always there to support them," he said.

He said, the products displayed in malls and hotels have been curated and placed according to the segmentation of malls and hotels.

Meanwhile, General Chair of the Bandung City Dekranasda, Yunimar Mulyana explained, the Creative Market had started since 2020. For 10 days, MSME products took turns being marketed in malls.

"This activity continues to increase through collaboration with the Public Service Mall so that businesses can market there. We are also working with the Government of Badung Regency, Bali. So that our MSME products can also be exhibited outside the city of Bandung," admitted Yunimar.

He hopes that more hotels and malls and other brands can be invited to cooperate in raising the class of MSMEs in the city of Bandung.

"Hopefully these curated products can go up in class. We also provide training so they can export abroad and do business matching with other entrepreneurs," he hoped.

Meanwhile, GA Senior Manager Agung Podomoro, Ahmad Kosim Asmari, confirmed that he would fully assist the activities of the Bandung City Government in improving the economy of MSMEs.

"Here there are also 11 MSMEs whose products are displayed. We are only preparing a place for MSMEs. Because MSME friends have very good superior products," said Ahmad.

One of the MSME actors participating in the Creative Market this time is Esta Novita, the owner of the Kaina brand.

Kaina is a handmade bag product using patchwork craft techniques to support the zero waste concept, namely reducing production waste as much as possible.

"We cut the cloth in small sizes and put it back together to form a unique geometry. We put forward the mission of being a 'sustainable product' that is useful for the surrounding community," said Esta.

The fabrics used are canvas and denim. At first, Kaina only made plain big bags. From the big bag, it turned out that there were a lot of used cloth left unused.

"From that much waste we think to reuse so that not much waste is produced from production. From there we can produce more valuable products with patchwork. Around 2019 we will just start with this concept," he explained.

In a month, Kaina can produce 50 small tote bags. As for the 'pouch' can reach 600 items per month.

For turnover during the pandemic, in a month, Kaina can earn IDR 10 million-IDR 15 million. Meanwhile, before the pandemic, it could reach a turnover of IDR 20 million-IDR 30 million.

"Hopefully with a store at Pullman our products will be more widely known by the public. So far we have only sold online. If there is a store like this, buyers can see first hand what the products are like. They can also directly provide input to us," he added. (din)**

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