The City of Bandung is Ready to Welcome PPDB 2023/24

The Bandung City Government is ready to welcome New Student Registration (PPDB) for the 2023/24 academic year. This was conveyed by the Head of the PPDB Team for the City of Bandung, Edy Suparjoto, in Bandung Responding, Thursday 25 May 2023.

Humas Kota Bandung Thursday, 25 May 2023 16:13

According to Edy, currently PPDB Bandung City has entered the data collection stage. This means that the community or students' parents can begin to prepare administrative documents related to PPDB.

"We are promoting outreach. Starting from the mass media, social media, and through the Bandung City Disdik YouTube channel, we have questions and answers every 16.00 WIB," he explained.

He explained, basically there was no change in the PPDB regulation in the city of Bandung. Because they still follow the Minister of Education and Culture Regulations in 2021, and also the Mayor's Regulation number 57 of 2021.

Furthermore, Edy said there were still four acceptance pathways for PPDB 2023. Among other things: zoning, achievement, affirmation, and transfer of parental duties.

Technically, the Bandung City Education Office also ensures that all prospective new students are recorded. Disdik also collaborates with the Population and Civil Registration Service (Disdukcapil) and the Social Service (Dinsos) so that people can access population-related services.

"Technical matters relating to the PPDB document, we are involved with the relevant agencies. People can come to Disdukcapil to get required population services such as ID cards, family cards and birth certificates," said Edy.

"Meanwhile, for the affirmation pathway for the Prone to Continuing Education (RMP) category, you can first report to the Social Service," he explained.

Edy ensures that transparency in PPDB 2023 is maintained. According to him, the online system in implementing PPDB can be easily monitored, so that the potential for fraud can be minimized.

He hopes that students will get the best results in PPDB 2023. Furthermore, Edy also reminded all parents of prospective new students to prepare PPDB administration data from an early age.

"Please complete the requirements, then verify the data on what path has the greatest chance for the child to be accepted at the chosen school, so that what the parents want is to enter the intended school," he said.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the West Java Provincial Education Office, Yesa Sarwedi Hamiseno, ensured that PPDB implementation in West Java, especially the City of Bandung, was in a ready condition.

Furthermore, he reminded PPDB organizers to avoid fraudulent practices such as buying and selling seats.

"At a minimum, we will give a warning, starting from a light reprimand, light, medium and severe disciplinary punishment, and the heaviest punishment is removal from office. But so far, nothing has been removed," he said.

Wargi Bandung can update PPDB information for the city of Bandung for the 2023/24 school year, one of which is through the official social media account for the Bandung City Education Office. Like on Instagram @bdg.disdik. (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana