2,878 / 5,000 Sindang Reret: Elevating Sundanese Culinary to the International Stage for 51 Years

Sindang Reret, one of the legendary restaurants in the city of Bandung and West Java, is celebrating 51 years since it was founded in 1973. Known for specializing in typical Sundanese food, this restaurant has become a favorite culinary destination for many groups, from the general public to high-ranking state officials.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 10 June 2024 13:47

Sindang Reret's Corporate Sales marketing manager, Erry Yoga Prakesa, said that the owner's Abah's vision was to bring Sundanese culinary delights to the world.

"I remember that the owner of Sindang Reret, who is familiarly called Abah, expressed a big vision to bring Sundanese food to the international stage," said Erry on Jalan Surapati, Bandung City, Friday, June 7 2024.

"If the people who are doing something else are doing less, saha deui?" said Abah. He hopes that Sundanese culinary can match the popularity of Padang restaurants which have spread widely in various countries," he added.

Sindang Reret offers various mainstay menus such as Ayam Bakakak Karuhun, Gurame Combrang, and Gurame Mangga Muda.

Erry said, on the way to its 50th anniversary, the Sindang Reret branch in Surapati holds a West Java culinary festival every three months.

"This festival aims to introduce and update the menu, as well as celebrate the richness of regional culinary delights," he explained

"The newest menu, Ayam Rempah Siraja, also received a positive response from customers," he added.

With prices for boxed rice starting from IDR 37,500 to IDR 49,000 and a buffet menu priced at IDR 80,000 to IDR 110,000, Sindang Reret remains a favorite choice.

Erry explained that Sindang Reret has four main branches with different concepts, including:

1. Ciwidey Retreat Road
Presents a beautiful rice terrace atmosphere and traditional Sundanese games.

2. Sindang Reret Cikole Lembang
Provides rides for children and adults, suitable for family recreation.

3.Sindang Reret Jalan Surapati
Focus on transit restaurants, frequented by officials and presidents when visiting Bandung.

4. Sindang Reret Karawang
Combining a restaurant with industrial catering, serving the needs of several factories in Karawang.

According to Erry, Sindang Reret Surapati is known as a favorite place for guests of officials in and outside the city, including the president.

"Every time the president visits Bandung, the food served always comes from Sindang Reret," said Erry proudly.

Commitment to Preserving Sundanese Culinary

With a strong commitment to preserving and promoting Sundanese culinary delights, Sindang Reret hopes to become a culinary ambassador who brings Indonesia's good name internationally.

For anyone who wants to enjoy delicious Sundanese food, Sindang Reret is a must-visit destination in Bandung and West Java. (ziz)**

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