Tourism And Recreation

Bandung is not only a city that is home to millions of its citizens. More than that, Bandung is a story and history that has been going on for more than two centuries. Bandung has always been known for its beauty. This city surrounded by mountains does save millions of natural beauty. Not only that, various kinds of interesting tourist destinations ranging from culinary places to recreational areas can be found in the city of Bandung. Besides being known as Paris Van Java and the City of Flowers, Bandung is also dubbed The Most European City in The East Indies, Bandung Excelsior, Intellectuele Centrum Van Indie, Europe in The Tropen, Permai City, Education City, Creative City to Culinary City.


Bandung city is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. This city is also dubbed as "Paris Van Java" or the Paris city of Java. Because everything is in Bandung. This city also has a neat urban planning and adequate facilities for travelers, both from within the country and foreign tourists.

This city is not only dubbed as a metropolitan city, but also a city with many pleasant tourist attractions. The area also stores a variety of extraordinary natural beauty. There are many tourist attractions in Bandung, such as city parks, historical heritage sites, natural attractions, lakes and others.