As the capital city of West Java province, the city of Bandung has the most complete health care facilities in the province. Until 2007, the city of Bandung had 30 units of hospitals and 70 units of health centers spread across the city, of which of the 17 hospital units, 4 of them had basic health services, while the rest were specialized hospitals. The basic health services include surgical specialist services, internal medicine specialist services, pediatric services and obstetrics and gynecology specialist services. Of the number of medical personnel recorded in the city of Bandung compared to the population in 2007 was 86 medical personnel to serve 100,000 residents.

Carry out some regional government affairs in the health sector based on the principles of autonomy and

1. Carry out operational technical tasks in the health sector which include the development and guidance of 
health services, prevention of infectious disease eradication and environmental health, family health, 
pharmaceutical services and food and beverage supervision as well as program development based on the Bandung 
mayor's policy.
2. Implementation of functional technical tasks in the health sector based on the policy of the Governor of 
West Java Province.
3. Implementation of administrative administrative technical services which include personnel, general 
finance and equipment.