Information Request

PPID stands for Information Management and Documentation Officer, where PPID functions as a manager and conveyer of documents owned by public bodies in accordance with the mandate of Law 14/2008 concerning Openness of Public Information. With the existence of PPID, it is easier for the public to submit requests for information and it is not complicated because they are served through one door.

PPID Kota Bandung

Auxiliary Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID Assistant) is an official who carries out his duties and functions as PPID in Regional Apparatus Organizational Units within the Regional Government.

1. Classification of information consisting of:
     - Information that must be provided and announced periodically;
     - Information that must be announced immediately;
     - Information that must be available at all times;
     - Excluded information.
2. Coordinate and consolidate the collection of information materials and documentation in their environment;
3. Storing, documenting, providing and providing information services in their environment to the public;
4. Verifying public information materials in their environment;
5. Updating existing information and documentation in its environment;
6. Provide information and documentation in the environment for access by the public;
7. Conduct an inventory of excluded information to be submitted to the Main PPID;
8. Provide reports on the management of information in the environment to the Main PPID on a regular basis