'Serlok Bantaran', Kawasan Konservasi Bambu di Bandung

'Serlok Bantaran', Kawasan Konservasi Bambu di Bandung

'Serlok Bantaran', Kawasan Konservasi Bambu di Bandung Thursday, 16 December 2021 07:58

The City Government (Pemkot) of Bandung is trying to make the area a conservation based on environmental empowerment. In this location there is conservation of city springs, education on river sustainability, smart tourism, and environmentally-based productive businesses. The Bandung City Government together with the Serlok Bantaran community are also in the middle of organizing the center for the development of “Urban Biodiversity – Cikapundung River.

In the midst of its development, Serlok Bantaran has begun to be known by many people. In addition to enjoying its natural beauty, tourists can also learn about various processed bamboo crafts such as bamboo straws and the results of recycling plastic waste.

Serlok Bantaran also initiated the conservation of native fish on the Cikapundung River, such as fish management, holding ponds, and clean springs. Tourists who come to visit can also learn about empowering environmental education on this riverbank.

Not only educational tours, in Serlok Bantaran also has sports and health tourism routes. Serlok Bantaran has a jogging track that is often used for running sports to bicycle lanes.

When exercising here, the fresh air and beautiful atmosphere will make you feel more at home for long. The sound of the Cikapundung River flowing calmly will accompany your steps throughout your workout on the Serlok Bantaran jogging track.

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