The 213 HJKB Logo Design Contest

Wargi Bandung, in order to welcome the 213th Anniversary of the City of Bandung, the Culture and Tourism Office of the City of Bandung held a Logo Design Contest with the theme "United, Created, and Collaborated for Excellent Bandung". This theme must be realized in the form of a logo design that will be contested.

Admin BCC Saturday, 12 August 2023 09:20

For Wargi who want to participate in this contest, Wargi can submit their logo work no later than August 22, 2023, 10.00 WIB😉

As for registration procedures, as well as terms and conditions that need to be considered, Wargi can see on the official website 😊

Hayu Wargi took part in celebrating the 213th anniversary of the city of Bandung by participating in this competition.

If Wargi has questions about this logo contest, you can directly DM Instagram at disbudpar.bdg😉

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