Guide to Composting with the Kang Empos Method

Bandung City Environmental Service

Admin BCC Wednesday, 20 December 2023 15:26

Come on, it's time for us to compost.
How do you compost it?
Let's try using the aerobic composting method first.

What should we prepare? Whatever the method, these are the important components of aerobic composting:

1. Soil/compost/fertilizer or elements that contain microorganisms that decompose waste.

2. Brown element (carbon). This could be boxes/used paper, husks, wood/saw dust, dry leaves/grass.

3. Bioactivator, its function is to activate microorganisms that decompose waste. To speed up the decomposition of waste. Can be rice washing water/brown sugar water/EM4 dil. This isn't mandatory. Just to speed up the composting process.

4. Oxygen. Create air cavities (the composting place must have air cavities, for example sacks), have porosity (stirring the waste can cause porosity/oxygen supply) or have air cavities between the waste particles (accumulation of dry leaves helps form air cavities).

5. Green organic waste.

Then let's make it!
There are many methods that can be used, the cheapest and easiest media is like Kang Empos.

Add brown soil/compost/soil organic waste fertilizer/brown elements, repeat. To speed things up, stir and add the bioactivator.

You can see brief information in the post above.

Let's compost at home! 😊


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