PPKM Level 3, Here's the Preparation of Terminals, Stations, and Airports in the City of Bandung

The city of Bandung is currently implementing the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Level 3. A number of departure and reception centers for outgoing and incoming guests from the terminal, train station and airport have also made adjustments.

Ray Monday, 14 February 2022 21:43
Siaran Pers Diskominfo Kota Bandung 14 Februari 2022

Bandung Public Relations visited three points where people enter and leave the city of Bandung. First at Leuwipanjang Terminal.

Since PPKM level 3 was implemented, a number of adjustments have been made, starting from tightening health protocols while in the terminal area. Every 10 to 30 minutes, the officer will remind prospective passengers or anyone who is doing activities at the Leuwipanjang Bus Terminal to wear a mask.

In addition, prospective bus passengers must first go through a scan of the PeduliLindung application to ensure their vaccination status.

"Bus passengers are required to comply with health protocols. We also routinely go around and carry masks. If there are prospective passengers who don't wear masks on the grounds that they don't bring them, we will give them the masks," said Leuwipanjang Type A Terminal Service Unit Coordinator, Asep Hidayat, Thursday, February 10. 2022.

He admitted that he had appealed to bus service providers (PO) to provide health protocol tools such as masks and hand sanitizers for prospective passengers who were about to depart.

He also appealed to prospective passengers who will travel to have received the first and second doses of the vaccine.

"In addition, you must wear a mask, keep your distance and don't talk on the bus. Reprimand the driver and conductor if you don't wear a mask," he ordered.

Airports and Stations Tighten Prokes

In addition to the bus terminal, Husein Sastranegara Airport and Bandung Station, which are also centers of people coming and going from Bandung, are preparing to welcome PPKM level 3.

Husein Sastranegara Airport is ready to face PPKM level 3 which is now applicable in Java - Bali, including in the city of Bandung. Previously, the Executive General Manager of Husein Sastranegara Airport, Cin Asmoro conveyed this.

"We are referring to SE 22 of 2021 and SE of the Ministry No. 96 of 2021. So we are still implementing the requirements for travel using air transportation to prevent Covid-19," explained Cin.

The airport's readiness can be seen from the availability of scanners for prospective passengers. This scanner ensures that passengers who will fly have received a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The airport also ensures that seats around the airport are 1.5 meters apart. In addition, the airport has also opened Covid-19 rapid test and PCR services.

Cin advised that if you want to travel by air, make sure you are ready for requirements such as vaccination and include a negative rapid antigen test result if you have received the second dose of vaccine.

Like Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung Station is also preparing to run PPKM Level 3.

Public Relations of PT. Kereta Api Indonesia DAOP 2 Bandung, Kuswardoyo explained, the train journey under the auspices of PT. KAI runs according to government regulations.

Efforts made so far are to improve health protocols such as the use of masks and hand sanitizers while in the station area or when boarding the train.

In addition, Kuswardoyo also ensured that long-distance train passengers had carried out a rapid antigen test. PT. KAI is currently providing these services.

It is enough to pay only Rp. 35,000, prospective passengers get this test service and the data is integrated with the departure ticket.

"In addition, we are trying to reduce physical contact between our officers and users of train services by prioritizing the purchase and sale of tickets online through the KAI Access application. There is also an independent boarding system and all service users whose body temperature is found to be more than 37.3 degrees Celsius is not allowed to continue the journey," said Kuswadoyo, Monday, February 14, 2022.

With a number of regulations, both from the Leuwipanjang Terminal, Husein Sastranegara Airport and Bandung Station, they hope for cooperation from prospective passengers to comply with health protocols and prepare well for travel conditions.

"If there is no important need, it is better to stay at home. But if you have to travel, prepare the procedure, follow the vaccination recommendations, and also the conditions for departure," said Cin Asmoro.

In addition, make sure your body is in good health and prime before traveling out of town. (ray)**


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