When the Heads of Agencies Become Impromptu Models in Patrakomala Gallery Bandung

The Grand Launching of Patrakomala Gallery, Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of Bandung City became seen differently when policy makers who were always behind the desk and known as serious figures suddenly became impromptu models.

Din Sunday, 27 March 2022 01:05
Siaran Pers Diskominfo Kota Bandung 26 Maret 2022

Who would have thought that those policy makers who work daily behind the desk and are known as serious figures suddenly became impromptu models.

This scene happened during the Grand Launching of Patrakomala Gallery of the Board of National and Regional Crafts (Dekranasda) of Bandung City on Saturday, 26 March 2022. Most models were the heads of various agencies in Bandung City.

For example, the Head of MSMEs Cooperative Agency (KUKM) of Bandung City, Atet Dedi Hadiman, who became a model for a brand for males, Neu Man by Yuli Lubis.

If his daily activities are leading meetings, this time, Atet confidently walked on the red carpet. He turned over, showing the clothing of sage green and cream colours combination that was also combined with a fedora hat.

As the special features of Neu Man using embroidery techniques, this product was a daily outfit of men with a stylish and simple model.

Then, there are also the Head of Communication and Informatics Agency (Diskominfo) of Bandung City, Yayan A. Brilyana, who demonstrated an outfit from Tubus by Tuti Busono.

He wore a maroon red shirt with weaving accents on the left. It was combined with a Sundanese iket and black eyeglasses, making this local outfit far from the notion of archaic, but also still maintained its traditional values.

Another unique outfit was worn by the Head of Culture and Tourism Agency (Disbudpar) of Bandung City, Kenny Dewi Kaniasari. She wore a cream-coloured outfit with striated batik motifs from Klambiku brand by Anti.

Not only the motifs, its unique cuts also added to its attractive force. This outfit, however, is still suitable for formal events.

In addition to the heads of agencies, several heads of divisions also became the impromptu models. One of them was the Head of MSMEs Division (Diskukm) of Bandung City, Eri Nurjaman. He wore a Neu Man outfit from Yuli Lubis with cream in colour and a combination of moss green and navy. Eri also wore fern green culottes trousers, making it more attractive.

There was also a member of the Financial Division of Dekranasda of Bandung City whose nickname was Mami. She wore a weaved black blazed from Paustin brand by Reri.

Then, the Head of Financial Division, Budi, demonstrated a weaved outer outfit from Zurbaka brand by Ben. Then, a member of the Exhibition and Craft Collaboration Division, Chistin, wore a green weaved blazer that was bottle green in colour with a twisted fern green skirt.

The last model demonstrated the official attire of DIsbudpar officials welcoming visitors in Bandung City. She wore an outfit from Kika Collection with a bottle green shirt and a skirt with a flower motif batik.

Looking at the creativity of craftsmen of Bandung City, the Acting Mayor of Bandung City, Yana Mulayana, asked to keep loving local products.

“We make a circular letter asking SKPD and BUMD concerning the usage of local MSMEs products of Bandung City that will be available on e-katalog,” Yana said.

In his daily activities, Yana also frequently uses products from local brands in Bandung. One of them is a watch made of Matoa wood that was frequently seen on several occasions.

This fashion show was then closed with a short parade and a group photo with the Acting Mayor of Bandung City and the Head of Dekranasda of Bandung City, Yunimar Mulyana. (din)*

The Head of Communication and Informatics Agency of Bandung City

Yayan A. Brilyana