Want to get rid of chairs, sofas, and refrigerators? Read the Terms and How

Bandung residents are still confused where to dispose of large waste such as mattresses or cupboards? The Bandung City Waste Management Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) provides large waste transportation services directly to your location.

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 05 July 2022 01:19
Pengelolaan Sampah Kota Bandung
Pengelolaan Sampah Kota Bandung

Head of the Bandung City Waste Management Unit, Ramdani or who is often called Dani explained, before picking up trash, residents first contacted the call center 022-720 7889 to schedule a large waste pick-up. After that, field officers will contact to verify the address and readiness to pick up large waste.

"At one pick-up point, a maximum of two units of large waste can be disposed of. Make sure that the large waste is placed in front of the house so that it can be easily transported to the car," said Dani, Monday, July 4, 2022.

If the pick-up location is in an alley, you should first transport it to the side of the road to facilitate the garbage collection process. Well, interestingly this program is free of charge or free!

"We do not charge tariffs for residents who want to dispose of large waste. Except for commercials such as companies or hotels, there is a service fee," he said.

Based on data from the Bandung City Waste Management Unit, from January to June 2022, 259 large wastes have been transported.

Some of the large waste that is often thrown away by the community includes spring beds, mattresses, tables, chairs, cupboards, refrigerators, washing machines, and beds.

Not all of this waste is directly disposed of in a final disposal site (TPA). Most of them are repaired so they can be reused.

"If you have trash like chairs and sofas with crippled legs, we store them in the pool first to be patched. Not bad can be used again to sit in the garden," he said.

"Or there are employees who want to take it too. If it can't be reused at all, then we will send it to the TPA," added Dani.

Because, he admits, if there is still a lot of furniture that can actually be repaired and reused by people in need.

He also said that in the future, the Bandung City Waste Management Unit will create a second hand market concept like abroad.

"So, if there are large items that are not used, we will announce them on social media. Later, those who want can immediately pick them up to the location. So, we can minimize waste going to the TPA," he explained.

Large waste that is no longer suitable for use will be disposed of at the Sarimukti TPA to be stockpiled in a controlled landfill system.

"So the big garbage is piled up, leveled, and then piled up. He said that later in Legok Nangka, it will be processed using the incinerator system," he said.

Dani said that the background of this big waste program was that when he and his team were cleaning rivers and wild waste areas, we found a lot of big garbage.

"In the past we used to clean the river that was on the border of the city and district around Buahbatu. It turned out that we found a bathtub that had clogged the drain, so it flooded there. Imagine if a bathtub of that size was thrown into the river," he said.

Therefore, he hopes that this program can facilitate the community so they don't throw large trash into rivers or vacant land carelessly. (din)**

Head of the Communication and Information Office of Bandung City

Yayan A. Brilyana