#Satsetsatset Acceleration Program, Mayor of Bandung Forms Development Acceleration Team

To accelerate priority programs and political promises, the Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana, formed the Bandung City Development Acceleration Team (TPP).

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 26 July 2022 16:42
Wali Kota Bandung, Yana Mulyana.

The Bandung City TPP Team is chaired by Professor of Political Science and Security, FISIP Unpad, Prof. Muradi and consists of 8 other people.

"The development acceleration team consisting of 9 people who helped me for us can both accelerate development in the city of Bandung, especially political promises," said Yana, at the Bandung Mayor's Hall, Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

Yana said the TPP team would collaborate and work with the heads of OPD and sub-district heads to accelerate program realization in the 2018-2023 RPJMD.

"This development acceleration team will accelerate the realization of our political promises. Of course it requires cooperation and collaboration from all OPD heads and sub-district heads," he said.

"Hopefully in the rest of this time we can realize all the political promises of the late Mang Oded and I (Yana Mulyana) in the 2028-2023 period," he added.

According to Yana, there are 26 priority programs divided into four clusters, namely the Excellent Bandung Cluster, Comfortable Bandung, Prosperous Bandung and Religious.

Yana said the development acceleration team would later provide considerations, suggestions and input to the Mayor of Bandung in the policy-making process.

In addition, providing suggestions and input for optimizing the implementation of the Bandung Mayor's policy.

"Hopefully we can finish everything well," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bandung City Development Acceleration Team, Muradi said the TPP team would only provide considerations and suggestions to the OPD and the Camat in realizing the mayor's promise.

In addition, the TPP team will also provide stimulation and encourage the acceleration of its realization.

"If it is not fast enough, it will be accelerated, if it is slow, the process will be in accordance with the deadline for the 26 political promises made by the leadership," he said.

He emphasized that the TPP team would not intervene in various activities in the OPD. The TPP team, he continued, only coordinated and collaborated.

"The form is more about coordination and disentangling together, not intervention so that the leadership is comfortable and comfortable working so that the political process is embedded in activities," said Yana.

"We do not intervene but help complete the current political promises until the end of the term of office. Good cooperation between the TPP and all colleagues in the OPD and sub-districts is needed," he continued.

The following is the composition of the Bandung City Development Acceleration Team:

Chairman : Muradi (Professor of Political Science and Security FISIP Unpad)
Secretary : M. Arif Prasetya (Senior Consultant)
Member :
1. Yudi Aziz (Professor of Innovation Management FEB Unpad)
2. Yogi Suprayogi Sugandhi (Director of Injabar Unpad)
3. Prita Amalia (Law, Investment and Infrastructure FH Unpad)
4. Dwi Indra Purnomo (Chairman of the Creative Economy of Bandung City)
5. Mustafa (Communication and Social Media STIA Bandung)
6. Yugi Sukriana (Technology, Management and Policy Consultant)
7. Virda Dimas Ekasaputra (Director of PT. Angkasa Transportindo Selaras). (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Technology

Yayan A. Brilyana