PPPK Orientation, Ema: Strengthening the Core Values ​​of ASN with Morals

Government Employees with Work Agreements (PPPK) have an important role in determining the success of governance and development.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 14 November 2022 12:51
Sekretaris Daerah Kota Bandung, Ema Sumarna menghadiri acara Orientasi bagi PPPK di Lingkungan Pemerintah Kota Bandung di Balai Sartika Convention Center, Senin 14 November 2022.

For this reason, PPPK must actualize the core values ​​of Moral ASN which is an acronym for Service Oriented, Accountable, Competent, Harmonious, Loyal, Adaptive, and Collaborative.

They are required to have the ability to adapt quickly, communicate well, uphold idealism, and work hard according to their respective abilities.

This was stated by the Regional Secretary of the City of Bandung, Ema Sumarna while attending the Orientation for PPPK at the Bandung City Government at Balai Sartika Convention Center, Monday, November 14, 2022.

"The goal is to be able to carry out the tasks that are obligatory. Providing optimization of community services, this is important, it requires a joint commitment," said Ema

Ema said that the existence of apparatus or ASN resources was the main key to carrying out compulsory basic services, one of which was education.

"Education is the main thing, it will determine us now in the future. The quality of human resources is the main thing that big countries pay attention to. So the development of ASN human resources is also a necessity," he said.

He hopes that the orientation participants can increase their capacity and quality through various competency development programs held by the Bandung City Government.

"Take advantage of this activity better to increase the capacity and quality of self," said Ema.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bandung City Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM), Adi Junjunan Mustafa said the orientation activity for the PPPK was attended by 2828 employees divided into five batches.

This orientation activity will be held from November 14 to December 1, 2022.

The first batch will be held November 14-15 2022, the second batch 16-17 November 2022, the third batch 21-22 November 2022, the fourth batch 24-25 November 2022 and the fifth batch 30 November - 1 December 2022.

"The participants will be given various competency development materials, starting from the introduction of ASN function duties to the application of values ​​and ethics in government agencies," said Adi.

Furthermore, Adi explained, the development of the number of PPPK in the Bandung City Government environment amounted to 17.20 percent of all ASN employees.

He said this number would continue to increase in line with the central government's policy of replacing retired civil servants with PPPK

"Seeing this trend, it is estimated that the number of PPPK in Bandung in 2026 will reach 50 percent of the total ASN," he said.

Adi said that PPPK is a professional staff whose presence is expected to accelerate public services in the government environment

"PPPK, which is a professional staff, can accelerate public services. We will continue to develop their competence," he said. (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana