Brilliant Ideas Flood, Kebon Gedang Village Has The Potential To Be The Best

The City of Bandung took part in the Final Verification of Increasing the Role of Women Towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS) in 2022 at the Kebon Gedang Village Office, Batununggal District, Tuesday 22 November 2022.

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 22 November 2022 14:32
Sekda Kota Bandung Ema Sumarna Pada Acara Pelaksanaan Verifikasi Akhir Peningkatan Peranan Wanita Menuju Keluarga Sehat dan Sejahtera (P2WKSS) Tahun 2022.

Kebon Gedang Village presented a number of innovations. On that occasion, the explanation was delivered by the Chairman of the TP PKK Kebon Gedang Village, Nenden Renti Yusuf.

"We empower through the Sekoper Cinta program, cross-sector collaboration, and skills training," Nenden said in his presentation.

Some of the programs presented included Ruang Rindu (Maternal and Child Protection Room), Legal Services, Ngadisqo (routine recitation program), Sipeda, Sigaban (Batununggal Nutrition Information System) to record the toddlers targeted by Posyandu.

Then there is Overtime ASI to increase the coverage of exclusive breastfeeding, Jumpalit (meet toddlers), Lasegar (seniors healthy and fit) Kang Ibing (stunting rate reduction program), Dashat (healthy kitchen to overcome stunting), Kibar Gardening Village, Gumeulis (Creating Healthy Environment Movement) , Healthy Homes, Gejebur (Movement and Walking Get Fit), and Ibu Cinta (Women Love Angklung)

Not finished yet, there are also Bang Kasep (Proud Kagungan Septic Tank) and Tiru Jait (Tinu Rujit Jadi Duit) programs which are waste management programs and efforts to achieve 100 percent ODF.

"This program is in RW 08, which is the P2WKSS Locus," he said.

On the occasion, the Regional Secretary of the City of Bandung, Ema Sumarna, said that the development in the city of Bandung involved all parties, including women.

Moreover, according to him, the population of women in the city of Bandung is more than the population of men.

"We encourage any development activities and do not look at gender," said Ema.

In addition, Ema also introduced Kebon Gedang Village as one of the best urban villages in Bandung City.

According to Ema, although the leadership in this area has changed, the community empowerment program continues.

"There is a sustainable development which I think is extraordinary," he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the P2WKSS Team, Eva Fandora, said that this activity was an effort to increase women's empowerment in West Java and especially in the city of Bandung to realize the vision of West Java as a Champion for the Inner and Outborn.

"Of course this is achieved through innovation and collaboration," he said.

On the other hand, Eva also mentioned Bandung as the most active city in the West Java Provincial Government's Sekoper Cinta (Women's School to Achieve Dreams and Aspirations) program with around 64,000 graduates in 2022.

This number increased from the previous 32,000 Sekoper Cinta graduates in 2021.

With this positive trend, Eva hopes that the P2WKSS program can accelerate the role of women, especially in the city of Bandung.

Eva appreciates the extraordinary role of women in the midst of the many challenges of life in the modern era.

"Hopefully we can bring productive quality cultured people through service," he said (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Technology

Yayan A. Brilyana