Not Only Victims, All Parties Must Have the Courage to Report Cases of Bullying

Bullying at the education level is in the spotlight. Various efforts have been intensified, one of which is the Roots program.

Humas Kota Bandung Wednesday, 23 November 2022 19:11
Di Kota Bandung hanya ada tujuh SMP yang dipilih langsung Kemendikbud untuk menjadi sekolah penggerak program Roots pada 2021. Salah satunya SMPN 2 Bandung.

This was conveyed by the Counseling Guidance Teacher (BK) of SMPN 2 Bandung, Leni Agustini. He explained, Roots involved 30 children to become anti-bullying agents.

"This program creates agents of change from as many as 30 students. The students selected are children who have a big influence on their friends, such as student council officers, achievers, or who are active in their class," explained Leni.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, teachers and Roots agents conduct technical guidance. At the peak of the program's activities, an Anti-bullying Declaration Day was held.

"They presented several creative arts with the theme of bullying, both poetry, singing, drama, and case examples," he said.

According to him, bullying at school has the potential to occur. Especially during this PTMT period, the friction between each other will be increasingly felt.

However, teachers, especially BK teachers, must continue to provide reinforcement for students. Each week a 1-hour consultation session per child is held.

"There are 4 counseling teachers here holding 32 classes. We always say that if a student becomes a victim, they must be willing to speak up, have the courage to speak up," he said.

For him, "speak up" is not only done by victims. However, witnesses or parties who know the acts of bullying that have taken place must have the courage to speak out too.

"Because the impact of bullying is extraordinary. Even the worst impact is when you are uncomfortable at school and want to move," he said.

He explained, usually when a child is bullying, the teacher will seek information from the victim first. After that just digging information from the alleged perpetrators.

The school also often brings together the two parties to solve problems together.

"Because sometimes the victim also feels that he has made a mistake so that the perpetrator acts like that to him. If you are already afraid of going to school, this is what we will treat," he said.

One of the preventive efforts of SMPN 2 Bandung is to deduct points from students who violate the rules.

Each student gets a capital of 100 points. If someone commits a violation, points are deducted.

"If under 60 points, students cannot take the Mid-Semester Exams and Final Semester Exams. They must add points by doing several activities," he said.

There are several ways to add points, such as depositing Koranic verses, memorizing the 1945 Constitution, and cleaning the mosque.

"But that is also the agreement of the children. Those who choose themselves want to increase their points in what way," he explained.

One of last year's Roots agents was Arundaya Biancha Nitisara, class 9G. He is also the Deputy Chairperson of Student Council for the 2021-2022 period.

For three months he and his colleagues were guided to understand and socialize anti-bullying.

"Twice a week you get guidance. They are given an explanation of examples and the impact of bullying," said Arun.

At the peak event, Arun presented a poem to invite his friends against bullying. He admitted, with the Roots program, the bullying around him became less.

"Reduced. In the past, there were upperclassmen who often beat up underclassmen. With Roots, it can awaken him and his friends," he admits.

According to him, an effective way of reminding bullying cases between peers is by having a relaxed demeanor.

"When we invite friends to reject bullying, we can't do it in a subtle or advising way. It's at best if we invite it more fun, so it's more friendly. So that it doesn't seem patronizing because we're the same age," he added. (din)**

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Yayan A. Brilyana