The Braga Painting Area Becomes a New "Healing" Place, Drinking Coffee While Painting

Starting from moving the location of Hola Coffee to the Braga area, Fauzi Rasyad racked his brains to adapt quickly to his new location for doing business.

Humas Kota Bandung Wednesday, 23 November 2022 19:15
Area Lukis Braga, 23 November 2022

Seeing the close relationship between painting and Braga, he and his colleagues came up with the idea to create an activity called the Braga Painting Area.

"We see that painting and Braga cannot be separated. We are also curious about how the painting is like. We want to bring this experience to consumers," explained Fauzi.

When he first launched this program on 22-23 October 2022, his enthusiasm was evident. The level of 'kepo' of his customers is the same as what he felt when he first became acquainted with the art of painting.

"We see that there are a lot of markets. It's increasing until Hola Coffee has a new business product in the form of the Braga Painting Area," he said.

This product offers an experience, not just a place and a coffee product. Consumers can drink coffee while painting. So that it becomes a new "experience" for them.

"People can look for alternatives for healing activities or simply express what they feel. Or look for references for new things to do in Bandung. You can come to the Braga Painting Area in Gelora Space," he explained.

There are four product classifications that consumers can choose from. First, package A to paint in Braga costs IDR 55,000 and package B costs IDR 75,000.

"The difference is from the size of the canvas, the quality of the brush, and the palette," he explained.

There is also a doodle package that includes a drink with a smaller canvas, the price is IDR 65,000. In addition, they have a take away package, where consumers can buy a painting kit.

"But because the painting kit is not a disposable tool, we are re-evaluating it. So that only canvases that consumers have painted can be taken home. That is a form of the Braga Painting Area's responsibility to the environment," he admitted.

After the grand opening, he admitted that he had many opportunities to open branches outside Braga, even outside the city of Bandung.

"In November we will have many opportunities to collaborate with creators outside the Braga Gelora Space. Collaboration with coffee shops and other Music Festivals," he said.

One of the workshops in the near future will be held at the orphanage. The exhibition artists will teach the orphans to paint. Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated.

"The Braga Painting Area wants to make this painting accessible to everyone. If there weren't local Braga artists, we wouldn't be able to share this inspiration with other people," he said.

He hopes that the presence of the Braga Painting Area can encourage local Braga artists to grow together. Can be a cross market. Because the work of these painters deserves to be appreciated.

"We want to bring the spirit of the local artists. Even though we are outside the city of Bandung, we still carry the spirit of the Braga artists," he added. (din)**

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Yayan A. Brilyana