Cibolerang Road Collapsed, Territory and DSDABM Immediately Handle Repairs

The Cibolerang Road Section, North Margahayu Village, Babakan Ciparay District, Bandung City collapsed, Friday 2 December 2022.

Humas Kota Bandung Friday, 02 December 2022 11:48
Jalan Cibolerang, Kelurahan Margahayu Utara, Kecamatan Babakan Ciparay, Kota Bandung

The report was received by the Bandung Siaga 112 team from one of the residents. The collapsed road paralyzed some traffic access. Only two-wheeled vehicles can still cross the road.

Head of Babakan Ciparay sub-district, Suparjo said, the area of ​​the collapsed road was 7x4 meters. Currently being handled by the Bandung City Water Resources and Highways Service (DSDABM).

"The incident of the road collapsing on Jalan Cibolerang in front of the petrol station entered the border of the North Margahayu and Margasuka sub-districts. It has been handled from regional elements, the Polsek and the Koramil. It is also being handled by the UPT DSDABM Tegalega," explained Suparjo.

He explained, for the time being the diversion of the vehicle route was diverted to the Sadang Buntu intersection, especially for four-wheeled vehicles.

"Currently only motorbikes can pass, and even then via the sidewalk. Cars are completely diverted. So, if those heading to Cigondewah are played at the Sadang Buntu intersection," he explained.

The factor of this collapsed road is still being investigated by DSDABM. However, temporary indications are due to the flow of a small river under the road.

Because this road is a bridge that connects the border between Babakan Ciparay and Bandung Kulon.

"This road is actually a bridge, underneath there is a waterway. However, the DSDABM is also investigating," he said.

"As for the load factor, we also don't know yet because it happened at dawn. But if it is connected with the Lembang fault, that is not a factor," he added.

Until now, the Bandung City DSDABM is still handling it. The condition of the kirmir collapsed while security was installed. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana