Held December 16, Bandung Connectiviy Gathers Various Smart City People and Innovation

The Bandung City Communication and Informatics Service (Diskominfo) will again hold Bandung Connectivity at the Trans Luxury Hotel, next Friday 16 December 2022.

Humas Kota Bandung Wednesday, 07 December 2022 14:57
Bandung Menjawab, Rabu 7 Des 2022.

This event features people who have contributed to the development of a smart city in the city of Bandung throughout 2022.

Previously, Bandung City Diskominfo had also held a similar event in 2021.

Head of Bandung City Diskominfo Yayan Ahmad Brilyana said this event was an evaluation of smart city development in the city of Bandung. Later, there will be talk sessions and awards for smart city people in the city of Bandung.

This event involved various stakeholders, ranging from regional warjay organizations in the Bandung City Government, academics, students, and the mass media.

"The development of a smart city must run effectively, efficiently and sustainably," said Yayan in Bandung Responding, Wednesday 7 December 2022.

The Bandung Connectivity event will present 3 sessions. First, a discussion session or 'Literator' featuring an audience of students and students. There will be speakers on the theme of data security and startup.

The second session is the main event which will be opened by Bandung Mayor Yana Mulyana. Apart from that, there will also be an award for smart city people and a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) which will present the Professor of the Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Suhono and smart city expert, Dr. Indrawan Nugroho.

Then in the third session, the winners from Bandung Datathon and start-ups will be presented.

Yayan hopes that in the future the growth of the City of Bandung as a smart city will involve more people with their brilliant ideas.

"The government cannot present its own smart city. We need pentahelix collaboration with various elements," said Yayan.

For the record, the city of Bandung won the highest smart city index in Indonesia in 2021 with a score of 3.71. This figure continues to be maintained and increased with various innovations in digital-based applications and services. (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana