Cheap Markets and Bazaars Come Again, Save the Date!

Lack of supply of several basic commodities such as rice and cooking oil (migor) often occurs ahead of the month of Ramadan.

Humas Kota Bandung Thursday, 02 February 2023 21:42

Lack of supply of several basic commodities such as rice and cooking oil (migor) often occurs ahead of the month of Ramadan.

To keep stocks safe until Eid al-Fitr, the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) through the Department of Trade and Industry (Disdagin) will again hold a Cheap Market and Cheap Bazaar.

Not only that, according to the Regional Secretary of the City of Bandung, Ema Sumarna, the Bandung City Government also continues to carry out regular Market Operations in all traditional and retail markets.

"In the past two to three days, there has been a lot of information circulating about the scarcity of cooking oil in Central Java, East Java and West Java. Migor subsidies for IDR 14,000 per liter have experienced a shortage. Even though the demand is usually high during the month of Ramadan," said Ema during a meeting at Balai Bandung City, Thursday 2 February 2023.

Therefore, he instructed related agencies to continue to monitor 37 traditional markets in the city of Bandung. Especially in times approaching Ramadan.

"Everything must be monitored. Especially ahead of Ramadan. One commodity that rises will spread to other commodities. Minyakita (migor) should not be empty. That must be monitored more optimally," he said.

In order to continue to maintain the stability of primary commodity stocks, Ema appealed that there is no overlap in the Cheap Market program provided by the Bandung City Government or other parties.

"We have to understand this problem. The timing between the activities carried out by the Department of Dagin and those provided by other teams such as the PKK must be examined first. Don't overdo it at one point," said Ema.

Responding to this, the Secretary of the Bandung City Trade and Industry Office, Dedi Priadi Nugraha explained, from monitoring results in 8 markets and retail, the most crucial commodity in stock was medium rice.

"The reference price for medium rice was Rp 9,450, but now it has crawled to Rp 10,750," said Dedi.

Likewise, the price of cayenne pepper, red cape chili, shallots, and migor has increased, although not too significantly.

He admitted that he had held a coordination meeting with the Bulog branch of the Bandung City Public Corporation, DKPP, and Perumda Pasar on January 25, 2023 to discuss the distribution of medium rice for food price supply stability (SPHP).

"In its implementation, the Bandung City Government through Disdagin has distributed medium rice to the target market
500 tonnes, but in reality we can distribute 730 tonnes by January 31, 2023," he said.

This medium rice is sold in 5 kg packs at a price of IDR 8,300/kg for traders. Meanwhile, the highest price for consumers is Rp. 9,450/kg.

For traders, in order to get medium rice there are requirements, namely they must be a KTP for the city of Bandung, applications for registration may not sell rice above the HET and mixing is prohibited.

"Hopefully the increase in rice prices can gradually return to normal with the cooperation that we are currently working on," he hoped.

He admitted, if there is a shortage of supply of migor in the city of Bandung in December-January. From monitoring results to cooking oil distributors in the city of Bandung such as Indomarco, the normal supply is usually 1.5 million liters.

It turns out that in December 2022 the supply decreased by an estimated 800 thousand liters. Then in January 2023 the supply will again decrease to 300 thousand liters.

"In CV. Bagus, PT. Panca Lestari bulk oil in the form of jerry cans is still safe," he said.

The Bandung City Department of Dagin has also held a meeting with the Ministry of Trade. Cooking oil producers were asked to add stock from 300 thousand tons per month to 400 thousand tons per month to prepare for Ramadan and Idul Fitri.

"The steps that will be taken are monitoring every Monday and Thursday at 8 traditional markets and 8 retail stores. We will monitor stocks of goods we need every month," he said.

Then, the Cheap Market will be held again ahead of Ramadan on March 13-21. In one day, there will be two sub-districts that will hold a bazaar.

"During Ramadan, a bazaar will be held again on March 24, 27, 28, 30 2023. Then, ahead of Eid al-Fitr on April 3, 4, 5, 6 2023," he added.

Apart from that, there will also be a bazaar in 151 urban villages with the leading sector from TP PKK Bandung City.

He continued, for Subsidized Cheap Market Operations, the source of funds was rice from the West Java Regional Budget. The plan is to hold it on April 11, 12, 13 2023. The allocation will be determined after a technical meeting with the West Java Province Industry and Trade Office.

"In 2022 there were 6,262 beneficiaries with a package value of Rp. 164,500 and received a subsidy from the government of Rp. 83,800. So, 2023 is unlikely to be far from before," he admitted.

Apart from the Cheap Market and Market Operations, the Cheap Bazaar will also be held on April 14, 2023. Then, the Inspection of Staple Goods Prices will be carried out with the Mayor of Bandung.

"The Cheap Market sells basic commodities. Meanwhile, the Cheap Bazaar contains culinary, craft, fashion and other needs that are in great demand ahead of Eid al-Fitr.
While Market Operations are aimed at beneficiaries of poor household groups," he explained.

He said preparations for the bazaar had been coordinated with distributors and providers, including Bulog, RNI, Wilmar, CV. Bagus, Indomarco, Pertamina, Aprindo, Farmer Shops and others.

"Some of the commodities that will be available at the Cheap Market and Cheap Bazaar are packaged cooking oil, premium packaged cooking oil, medium rice, premium rice, wheat flour, white sugar, chicken eggs, 3 kg of gas, shallots, garlic and vegetables. ," he added. (din)**

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Yayan A. Brilyana