Recommendations for Sundanese Pop Songs that Touch Kana Ati's Heart

Sundanese pop songs, which are rarely heard by young people, are one result of the decay of the use of Sundanese among the Sundanese.

Humas Kota Bandung Wednesday, 08 February 2023 17:43

Wargi Bandung, as Sundanese Tatars, must love their mother tongue. One of them can be through still listening to Sundanese songs.

Apart from folk songs such as manuk Dadali, Bubuy Bulan, Mojang Priangan, there are a number of songs that have meanings that can touch the heart. The following include:

1. Father - Kustian.
The singer, who is a hit because of the song called street children, has succeeded in making listeners touched every time they hear the song.

The song entitled father tells the story of a child's longing for his father who never comes home.

2.   Kalang Nyaah - Abiel Jatnika

The Sundanese pop song entitled Kapalang Nyaah or in Indonesian means already in love is very popular today.

Apart from touching the lyrics of the song, this song can hypnotize anyone who sings and hears this song because it tells about the feelings of a man who already has feelings for a woman.

3. Dina Amparan Sajadah - Darso

The singer who is known for being eccentric because of his appearance similar to Michael Jackson, even though he is gone, his works are still widely liked by the public.

The prayer rug song tells a song of confession of sins and anyone who hears it will surely be moved to repent and improve their life.

4. Mother's Love - Emka 9

A song about a mother which was created by Dedi Mulyadi. This song tells about the struggle of a mother who cares for and raises her child every day from childhood to adulthood, by only listening to the music of wargi Bandung, it must be sliced.

Wargi Bandung, he recommends Sundanese pop songs that you must know and listen to. These songs can be heard on various platforms. (Gita-apprentice)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana