Controlling Rice Prices, Bandung City Government Holds Market Operations Next Week

To control the rising price of medium rice, the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) through the Department of Trade and Industry (Disdagin) will hold a Medium Rice Market Operation.

Humas Kota Bandung Thursday, 09 February 2023 14:33
Pasar Murah Kota Bandung
Pasar Murah Kota Bandung

The first location to hold the Medium Rice Market Operation is in Rancasari District, the upcoming Tuesday 14 February 2023. The municipal government together with the Bulog City of Bandung will disburse 20 tons of rice.

"We will carry out market operations in 30 sub-districts in the city of Bandung and start in Rancasari sub-district," said the Head of the Bandung City Trade and Industry Service (Disdagin), Elly Wasliah as a guest speaker for Bandung Responding, Thursday 9 February 2023.

This market operation was held because the price of rice was already above the HET (highest retail price) and could cause inflation. Later, rice will be sold at Rp. 8,700 - Rp. 9,000 per kilogram, far below the HET of Rp. 9,450 per kilogram.

"This is our effort to cut the distribution chain. From Bulog directly to the end users (consumers). We are still adjusting prices, but in the price range of Rp. 8,700-Rp. 9,000 per kilogram, far below the HET," he said.

Later each sub-district will carry out 10 tons of rice market operations so that in total for market operations the Bandung City Government and Bulog poured 300 tons of rice into market operations.

"For the schedules of the other 29 sub-districts, we are formulating them together with the regions. We want the places to be close to the community," he said.

This market operation is only intended for residents who have Bandung City ID cards.

Furthermore, Elly explained, from monitoring results in 8 markets and retail, the price of medium rice in the market is now being sold at Rp. 10,750 to Rp. 11,000 per kilogram.

"The reference price for medium rice was Rp. 9,450, but now it has crawled even up to Rp. 10,750 to Rp. 11,000," he said.

He admitted that he had held a coordination meeting with the Bulog branch of the Bandung City Public Corporation and had distributed 750,735 tons of medium rice for food price stability stability (SPHP).

"We have distributed 750,735 tonnes to the market in the city of Bandung in collaboration with Bulog until February 6 at a price of 8300/kg and traders may not sell more than the HET," he said.

This medium rice is sold in 5 kg packs at a price of IDR 8,300/kg for traders. Meanwhile, the highest price for consumers is Rp. 9,450/kg.

For traders, in order to get medium rice there are requirements, namely they must be a KTP for the city of Bandung, applications for registration may not sell rice above the HET and mixing is prohibited.

"Hopefully the increase in rice prices can gradually return to normal with the cooperation that we are currently working on," he hoped. (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana