Come on, Ngabuburit with Ngabosman!

Confused where to go? Or are you confused about what to ride? Don't worry, the Bandung City Transportation Agency (Dishub) provides bandros facilities for Bandung residents to go around Ngabuburit.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 27 March 2023 15:54

Through the Ngabuburit Naik Bandros program in the District (Ngabosman), people in each sub-district can go around using bandros. With only IDR 20,000 per person for each trip, you can get around on interesting routes.

Uniquely, each district has its own route. This was conveyed by the Head of the Transportation BLUD for the Bandung Transportation Agency, Yudhiana to Bandung City Public Relations, Monday, March 27 2023.

"We have discussions with officials in each sub-district for the route. It is relatively flexible. So each sub-district has a different route," said Yudhi.

Actually this program has been around since last year. However, Yudhi admits that the response coming from the community has not been very visible.

"It could be that apart from the lack of widespread information, last year we were still in a pandemic and there was PPKM," he said.

Therefore, this year when the pandemic has been declared sloping and heading to endemic, the Transportation Agency is trying to reactivate the program. In fact, his party picked up the ball to the regions.

"Because in my opinion this program is good for increasing regional income and the community can be more facilitated to increase bandros. Because usually the use of bandros in the month of Ramadan is relatively sloping," he explained.

Ngabosman operates from 13.30-17.30 WIB. Each sub-district is provided with a bandros fleet that can travel 2-3 trips.

"One bandros can accommodate 21-23 passengers. If the community's response is high enough, we can adjust 2-3 fleets per district," he said.

Yudhi said that the enthusiasm of the people was seen to be more. In contrast to last year, the response he assessed was still very minimal.

"Many have asked, why only one fleet? How do you pay for it?" he explained.

For people who want to try Ngabosman, they can come directly to the local regional office. Pay directly at the collection point location.

"There are officers who carry tickets at the location of the gathering point that has been determined.
The locations vary, according to each region. Some are at the district office, village office, or elsewhere," he explained.

The following is the Ngabosman schedule for each district:

March 27, 2023 in Ujungberung and Mandalajati Districts. March 28, 2023 in Panyileukan and Cibiru Districts.

March 29, 2023 in Antapani and Arcamanik Districts. March 30, 2023 in Gedebage and Cinambo Districts. March 31, 2023 in Cidadap and Sukasari Districts.

April 3, 2023 in Kiaracondong District. April 4, 2023 in Rancasari District. April 5, 2023 in Buah Batu District. April 6, 2023 in Batu Nunggal District.

April 7, 2023 in Bandung Kidul District. April 10 2023 in Regol and Sukajadi Districts. April 11, 2023 in Andir District. April 12, 2023 in Lengkong District.

April 13, 2023 in Coblong District. April 14, 2023 in Cibeunying Kaler and Cibeunying Kidul Districts. April 17, 2023 in
Astanaanyar and Cicendo Districts.

April 18, 2023 in Bandung Kulon and Sumur Bandung Districts. April 19, 2023 in Bojongloa Kidul and Bojongloa Kaler Districts. April 20, 2023 in Bandung Wetan and Babakan Ciparay Districts. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency

Yayan A. Brilyana