Disdik Opens RMP Affirmation Pathway in PPDB 2023

The Bandung City Education Office (Disdik) issued a policy on the Affirmation Prone to Continuing Education (RMP) pathway for PPDB in Bandung City.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 22 May 2023 21:50

This is part of the Bandung City Government's commitment to provide the right to education to all school-age children in the city of Bandung, including those who are economically disadvantaged.

"We are committed to providing optimal educational services including fulfilling children's right to education," said the Head of the Bandung City Education Office, Hikmat Ginanjar, Monday, May 23, 2023.

Hikmat added, this reflected on the previous year's PPDB process that there were still quite a number of prospective new students (CPDB) who were underprivileged but were not registered in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS).

With this in mind, the Education Office synergizes with the Bandung City Social Service to provide a solution so that they can register the RMP route.

"So that the CPDB can choose the RMP path, the solution is presented through the Kelurahan Deliberation," he explained.

Furthermore, prospective new students who will register for the RMP Affirmation pathway are encouraged to check first on the page. If not registered, you can contact the local village.

"If the local kelurahan already has it (registered), then just watch the screenshot from the kelurahan," said Hikmat.

If you are not registered with the DTKS or in the kelurahan and CPDB from poor families, you can apply for DTKS through the kelurahan no later than June 7, 2023.

Furthermore, the CPDB will undergo a village meeting (muskel) on June 8 2023. The data on the results of the muskel will be submitted to the Bandung City Social Service and will be synchronized at DTKS.

"Remember, the most important thing is for children to continue their education in both public and private schools," he said.

After collecting data, CPDB parents or school operators will double-check the uploaded data, if it is correct and complete, then click the data confirmation feature. After that, register on 12-16 June 2023.

For information, the quota for the Affirmation pathway for SD and SMP is at least 15 percent of the quota for students in the Education Unit. With four school choices, school choices 1, 2 are public schools and choices 3, 4 are private schools.

With a note, if CPDB is not accepted at the four school choices, the Education Office will transfer it to the nearest private school and which still has an RMP quota. (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency


Yayan A. Brilyana