City Government Promotes Bicycle Culture in Bandung City

As many as 500 cyclists from various communities took part in the Fun Bike Culture Cycling Movement Series IV which started from the Bandung City Hall, Saturday 3 June 2023. This activity is expected to be a means of outreach to the people of Bandung City to build a sustainable cycling culture movement.

Humas Kota Bandung Saturday, 03 June 2023 10:01

"But I'm sure that with the patience and persistence of cycling enthusiasts, we will meet at one point in time when the people of Bandung are familiar with cycling," said Ema.

To support healthy air in Bandung City's public open spaces, Ema added, starting tomorrow, Sunday 4 June 2023 the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) will begin to reopen the Dago car free day (CFD).

"The population in the city of Bandung is extraordinary, especially during long weekends like this there can be up to 3 million more people here. The area is getting narrower and the population is increasing," he said.

"If we don't change the pattern of behavior in activities, of course the pollution in the city of Bandung will get worse," continued Ema.

With the increasing activity of cycling in daily activities, he hopes it can be a solution to break down traffic jams in the city of Bandung. In addition, his party also continues to seek the best solution to solve the traffic jams in the city of Bandung.

"Hopefully in discussing the APBD now, we can start in 2024. But the most important thing is that our behavior on the roads and in our daily activities must be much better," he said.

One of the discussions was regarding the construction of overlays on a number of roads, such as Jalan Merdeka, Bima and Martanegara. This development will be carried out in stages. Because the supporting funds owned by the Bandung City Government do not only focus on improving road infrastructure.

"There are still many mandatory basic service and non-basic service matters that we must accommodate. But that remains a priority because the law states that the carrying capacity of infrastructure is at least 40 percent of the total budget at each level of government," he explained.

One of the Fun Bike participants was the Chairman of the Indonesian Old Bike Community (Kosti) in Bandung City, Wahab Romli. He hopes that this activity can continue and become an arena for synergy between various communities and the government.

"Hopefully this activity can help reduce pollution. But what is more important is increasing discipline and mutual respect on the roads. Especially for the safety of ourselves and others," hoped Wahab.

Meanwhile, regarding the cycling event this time, Plh Head of the Transportation Service, Ricky Gustiadi said, this activity has been routine every year starting from 2019. This is one of the efforts to raise awareness for the people of Bandung City to use bicycles as an alternative means of transportation every day other than motorized vehicles.

"This is also an effort to interactively socialize bicycles as environmentally friendly vehicles as well as education about the ethics and safety of cycling on the road," explained Ricky.

Apart from fun bikes, this activity is also aimed at socializing traffic safety and activating bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

"This activity also collaborates with various bicycle communities in Greater Bandung. There will be distribution of five bicycle prizes to outstanding students to improve cycling culture in the city of Bandung," he added. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency


Yayan A. Brilyana