The Excitement of the Superior Bandung Festival Closes the 2023 HJKB Series

Thousands of Bandung city residents poured out at the Superior Bandung Festival which took place lively at Kiara Arta Park, Saturday 28 October 2023. This event concluded the series of commemorations of the 213th Anniversary of the City of Bandung (HJKB).

Humas Kota Bandung Saturday, 28 October 2023 21:34

Acting Mayor of Bandung, Bambang Tirtoyuliono expressed his gratitude that the HJKB 213 series which started in August went smoothly and closed with a cultural festival.

"Today we should be grateful for all the achievements and various advantages that the city of Bandung has in its 213th year," he said in written remarks read by the Assistant for Government and Social Welfare for the City of Bandung, Asep Saeful Gufron.

He invited the entire community to continue to build a spirit of work in building empowerment and services.

"And at the age of 214 or one year from now, the city of Bandung will be even more advanced, its infrastructure will be more complete, its public services will be better, its people will be more prosperous, and its citizens will be more mature," he said.

The Bandung Superior Festival event was enlivened by various interesting performances starting from Reak, The Damn It, Angklung Buncis Kanosa, Plat Merah, Ega Robot, and Nyentrik Productions.

The highlight of this event was closed by the performance of Doel Sumbang and Three Dangerous Youth feat. Veny Nurdaisy.

There was also a cheap bazaar and various stands for food, fashion, crafts, technology, agro-business and dozens of other stands.

The Superior Bandung Festival also offers a waste-free event. Visitors are invited to bring cutlery, tote bags, misting and tumblers to reduce waste generation after the event.

For information, the series of HJKB 213 activities began with the launch of the HJKB 213 logo on Sunday, August 27 2023. This year's HJKB carries the theme "United in Collaboration to Make Bandung Superior".

The HJKB 213 commemoration also has a number of series including Be Clean Bandung, Bandung City Sharing, Pilgrimage to the Tomb of the Founder of Bandung City, Joint Prayer Ahead of HJKB, Commemoration Ceremony and HJKB 213 Plenary Session.

There are also other series such as Bandung Connecticity, Bandung Seuhah, Pekan Raya Bandung, Cibadak Fun Day, Bandung Great Sale, Inauguration of Ciampelas Terrace, Gowes Disdik, Pesona Andir Karnival, Photo Exhibition and various other activities in 30 sub-districts in Bandung City. (rob)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana