Bandung City Government Accelerates Expansion of Transaction Digitalization

As a smart city, the City of Bandung continues to strive to accelerate the expansion of digitalization of regional revenue and expenditure infrastructure. This was conveyed by the Acting Mayor of Bandung, Bambang Tirtoyuliono at the High Level Meeting at Grand Tjokro, Monday 20 November 2023.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 20 November 2023 14:43

"The city of Bandung has accelerated and expanded digitalization since 2016 through the smart city concept and can be implemented well," said Bambang.

In fact, Bambang said, there are 6 clusters to actualize infrastructure digitalization in the city of Bandung. These include smart government, branding, economy, living, society and environment.

"Everything is digital, meaning our homework is just to align the information system that we have built. It must be elaborated between revenue and expenditure infrastructure," he said.

He said that Bandung City's original regional opinion (PAD) had made quite a big contribution. By harmonizing various types of revenue infrastructure, public services will be more transparent, measurable and easier.

"We have an information system to make it easier to prepare programs which have implications for effective and efficient use of PAD," he said.

In fact, in 2024 the Bandung City Government has prepared infrastructure regarding regional government credit cards.

"In 2024 the infrastructure will be prepared, at least starting with 10 regional devices shopping using credit cards. So that by 2025 all OPDs will use credit cards to shop," he added.

Even with data integration, the Bandung City Government will continue to carry out updates so that all public services can be much more effective.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Bandung City Regional Revenue Agency (Bappenda), Iskandar Zulkarnain, said that the results of the 2023 Regional Digitalization Acceleration and Expansion Team (TP2DD) championship at city level, Bandung City got a score of 81.26, ranking 8th in Java-Bali at city level.

"Of the 28 regional governments in West Java, Bandung City is ranked 8th. This is up from 2022, ranked 12th. An increase of 14.45 points," said Iskandar.

At the West Java level, Bandung City and Bogor City programs were recorded as being in the top 10 out of 69 cities. The majority of ratings are good and above the national average.

Responding to this, Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for West Java, Achris Sarwani, said that this was one of the steps to encourage the acceleration and expansion of digitalization in the city of Bandung.

Especially in the midst of West Java's economic conditions which experienced growth in the third quarter of 4.57 percent.

"With community mobility remaining high, West Java and Bandung City will be able to achieve good economic growth, reflected in household consumption and public spending," said Achris.

He said that economic growth in West Java is estimated to still reach 4.7-5.5. This can be seen from the number of domestic tourists in West Java which is already quite large.

"Hopefully we can reach above 5 percent. We hope this can continue to be maintained, especially people's purchasing power through digital transactions," he said.

He explained, to maintain people's purchasing power, digital transformation is necessary. Digital transformation must be able to cover three things, including inclusion, empowerment and sustainability.

"People must be able to access it easily, use it for productive things, and people must be able to get the benefits continuously," he continued. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana