From Cengek to Coffee, Bandung Plants Volume V Simultaneously Plants 210 Thousand Trees

Commemorating World Tree Day, the Bandung City Government will again hold Bandung Planting simultaneously in 30 sub-districts and 375 Buruan Sae groups, Tuesday 21 November 2023.

Humas Kota Bandung Monday, 20 November 2023 14:56

In Bandung Planting Volume V, 210,000 tree seedlings will be planted. Everything from cloves, chilies, fruit, to coffee and tobacco will also be planted.

Head of the Bandung City Food Security and Agriculture Service (DKPP), Gin Gin Ginanjar, said that Bandung Planting will be carried out simultaneously at 07.00 WIB centered at SDN 245 Bandung City.

"But it is also carried out simultaneously in schools in 30 sub-districts and 375 Buruan Sae groups. In the Buruan Sae group, they specifically plant vegetable crops simultaneously, especially chilies and cengek. This is our effort to participate in controlling inflation in accordance with the direction of the Acting Mayor Bandung," said Gin Gin.

Meanwhile, at school, thematic productive plants, such as fruit, will be planted. So that each sub-district will be planted with different trees.

"Such as mango, rambutan, guava and others. This is also our effort to reforest," he said.

The seeds distributed came from collaborative assistance from various parties, such as the Provincial Agricultural Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Bank Indonesia, Kimia Farma, Kalbe and others.

So Gin Gin admitted that the Bandung Planting activity did not spend a budget on seeds because there was collaboration with other parties.

"Including some that we produce ourselves at DKPP for vegetables," he said.

The Bandung Planting Program does not only run at the beginning of planting. To maintain the mutual commitment, a commitment was also signed to care for and preserve the plants that had been planted.

"We also have a team that monitors every point of cooperation with the regions. Every three or six months they have to report to us the progress of the plants," he admitted.

In fact, many of the trees planted in previous years have also grown, bear fruit and are being used by the community.

He added, apart from vegetable plants, Bandung Menanam will also provide seeds to tobacco farmer groups, coffee farmer groups and other horticultural farmers.

"Until now, we are still preparing everything. The trees in the area have all been distributed. Simultaneously, we are planting hybrid plants," he continued.

There are a minimum of 50 seedlings or trees in polybags planted in each sub-district. However, if there are areas that have more land, DKPP is ready to add seeds.

"Apart from that, the plan is that the Acting Governor of West Java will also attend because apart from planting trees, there is also a Farmer's Market sponsored by the province," he said. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana