"Mother's Dreams", Stunting Educational Film Through

The Bandung City Government (Pemkot) continues to intensify handling of stunting. Not only through socialization seminars, contemporary methods were also tested through the world of film. A short film by director Anto Purwanto entitled "Cita-Cita Bunda" caught the attention of the participants watching together (nobar) at CGV Paskal, Thursday 23 November 2023.

Humas Kota Bandung Thursday, 23 November 2023 16:16

Head of the Bandung City Population Control and Family Planning Service (DPPKB), Dewi Kania Sari, said that, through the film nobar, she was trying to package a way to convey communication and educational information to introduce stunting management into a more creative and attractive packaging.

"There is an element of edutainment so that society can be more accepting. We adapt it to the latest styles of teenagers. There are also animated films, we also want to make game applications. We have also collaborated with XXI," explained Dewi.

The hope is that by 2045 the city of Bandung will have zero stunting. He said that the target for handling stunting in Bandung City in this year's RPJMD was 17 percent.

“Next year it will be 14 percent. But we must have a dream that the city of Bandung will reach 0 percent. "So that in 2045 the next generation of Bandung City will be ready to compete," he said.

Therefore, in order to speed up the handling of stunting, there needs to be collaboration with other parties. One of them is by involving the work of young people with the private sector.

What's more, the methods of education are becoming increasingly diverse. He said that stunting education was also carried out through wayang performances.

"It was created using various educational methods so that the issue of stunting and controlling family planning can become an everyday issue. This is homework for all of us. "We will try to attract participation from all elements of society so that people care more," he said.

Meanwhile, the director of the short film Cita-Cita Bunda, Anto Purwanto, explained that his film started from a background of public anxiety.

"At the age when we are parents, hearing that other children have become 'people' makes us think about what our own children's future will be like. "Moreover, there is also the issue of the golden generation of 2045. How can we take advantage of this luck," said Anto.

For him, luck is related to being prepared for opportunities. So it must be prepared from an early age so that children can have a better future and avoid stunting.

Stunting is a disruption in the growth and development of children due to chronic malnutrition and recurrent infections. Characterized by a body length or height that is below standard.

The cause is an irreversible condition due to inadequate nutritional intake, recurrent or chronic infections that occur within the first 1,000 days of birth.

According to one of the Arjuna Village residents who took part in the show, Evi, through this short film he was able to increase his knowledge and insight.

“The film tells the story of children's development which must be prepared from an early age to prevent stunting. "Our children must diligently take them to the posyandu to have their health checked," said Evi.

Meanwhile, according to Mulyana, a resident of Batununggal Subdistrict, the film Cita-cita Bunda is quite interesting because through this film there are more pictures of things that must be prepared as parents, compared to just getting educational material through socialization.

“Personally, I'm inspired, especially since I also have children. "Through this film, I came to know the importance of coming to the posyandu," admitted Mulyana.

According to him, the problem of stunting is very closely related to people's lives. Moreover, in the future Indonesia will have a demographic bonus in 2045.

“We have to prepare our children's generation. "Because they have tougher struggles and competition than in our current era," he said. (hubbub)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana