Open After Eid Al-Fitr 1445H Holiday, Residents Are Satisfied with Bandung City MPP Services

Acting Mayor of Bandung, Bambang Tirtoyuliono, emphasized to all Bandung City Government (Pemkot) State Civil Apparatus (ASN) to maintain maximum service for the community, both on the first day of work and in the future.

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 16 April 2024 17:11

This is proven by the operation of the Bandung City Public Service Mall (MPP) Jalan Cianjur on the first day of work after the Idul Fitri 1445H holiday.

One of the residents who was processing his son's birth certificate at MPP Bandung City, Arif Firmansyah, was satisfied with the service provided by the officers. According to him, MPP Bandung City makes services easier and provides certainty of time.

"By chance, I was the first to come here, to be honest, for the service since I was under I was served well by the security guard. "The queue was fast and directed directly to the service I wanted," explained Arif, April 16 2024.

"The service from the officers is good and the explanations are very easy to understand," he said.

Another resident, Dewi Handayani, who applied for SIM A renewal services, also admitted that the service at MPP Bandung City was relatively fast.

"The presence of MPP is very helpful, when taking care of renewing SIM A, the service is fast," explained Dewi.

Dewi also invited Bandung City residents to take advantage of the facilities at the Jalan Cianjur Public Service Mall.

"Take advantage of the facilities provided by the Bandung City government as best as possible," he admitted.

Please note, Bandung City MPP has been open since Tuesday, April 16 2024 at 09.00 WIB and closes at 15.00 WIB.

MPP Jalan Cianjur facilitates 28 outlets and 1 drive thru consisting of internal and external agencies of the Bandung City Government. These outlets include:

1. Bandung City Manpower Office
2. Bandung City Disdagin
3. BPBJ Bandung City
4. Bandung City Dukcapil Office
5. Diskominfo Bandung City
6. Created by Bintar, Bandung City
7. Bandung City Bapenda
8. Municipal Corporation  Tirtawening
9. Bandung City OSS DPMPTSP Helpdesk
10. Bandung Police
11. Ministry of Law and Human Rights West Java Regional Office (Directorate General of AHU & IPR)
12. Class I immigration office in Bandung City
13. Ministry of Religion of Bandung City
14. Agrarian Office (ATR/BPN) Bandung City
15. DPMPTSP West Java Province
16. Bapenda West Java Province
17. Bandung City Customs Office
18. BNN Bandung City
19. BPJS Health
20. BPJS Employment
21. BPPOM in Bandung
22. PT PLN UP3 Bandung City
23. PT Pos
24. Bandung City District Court
25. Bandung Bank
26. BJB Bank
27. Dekranasda and MSME Corner
28. Bandung Investment Corner (DPMPTSP Bandung City)

Apart from that, the facilities at the Public Service Mall are complete and child and disability friendly. These include an acting room (breastfeeding mothers), a prayer room, a special toilet for the disabled, a digital reading corner, a children's playground and a comfortable waiting area. (ziz )**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office


Yayan A. Brilyana