Featured Programs and Activities

Bandung City Government


Featured Category

Structuring Man, Mind and Land relationships. (theory of resources)
Regional-based Pilot Project, an online birth certificate service program. (physical check and upload from the village)
The tourism village program, in this case the 3-Dimensional Tourism Village.
Use of Bandung Command Center as a Data Bank.
Transparency of leadership activities.
Creating a communication forum for Bandung citizens based on social media.
Regional-based Pilot Project for the PIPPK+ program.
Regional-based Pilot Project for the Youth Creativity Center program
Campaign on Family, Women, Children and Disabilities
Creating a district-based mobile reading park. (can use the talkbook application)
A regional-based pilot project, a program where self-help tutoring for underprivileged residents in the kelurahan area
Comfort Category

Revitalizing the sanitation of places of worship.
Creating a clean and unpretentious regional environment, driven by the Inter-district Hygiene Competition.
Road barrier enforcement. {example of car-based traders around PUSDAI)
Highway engineering. (example turns on Jl. Westhoff – Jl. Rajiman or Jl. Dr. Rum – Jl. Pasirkaliki)
Review of business licenses that cause congestion points. (example Mahmud cosmetic shop)
Empowerment of a special team or rapid reaction of the City of Bandung. (cleaning team, road patching, river cleaning, etc.) (already existed; changed the term)
Movement of making infiltration wells. (alternative drum pore)
Community service movement based on RW or RT every 2nd week of every month.
RT .-based citizen Siskamling movement

Prosperous Category

Movement to bring lunch from home every Friday. #botramday
Pilot Project for cataloging and marketing Bandung City products to the International market. (in collaboration with international marketplaces)
Facilitating Islah between Online Ojeks and Conventional Ojeks (pacantel)
Creating job opportunities for people with disabilities.
Facilities for delivering souvenirs from the city of Bandung

Religious Category

Stay in touch with Figures, Communities, and Religious Leaders in the City of Bandung.
Exemption of permit fees and house of worship certification.
Morning prayer in congregation. (continued before)
Community service movement for places of worship every 3rd week.
Ngabandungan (relationship with regional officials after Friday prayers)
Maghrib Koran movement (competed)
Movement to check the prayer room & mosque.
Launching of Pay Zakat Principal Number