Indo Runners

Indo Runners

Raka Tuesday, 08 February 2022 15:13

Bandung resident, have you ever seen a group of people running at night? If so, maybe they are @indorunnersbdg !

Indo Runners is one of the largest running sports communities in Indonesia. This community was first formed in Jakarta in 2009, then followed in Bandung in 2011.

Indo Runners is famous for running at night. The activity started with workers who had difficulty exercising in the morning because they had to work, and finally running at night became the solution.

Indo Runners' running schedule is on Tuesday night, Sunday Morning Run on Sunday morning and every two weeks there is Saturday Long Day with a running distance of 15-20 KM.

Want to get to know more about Indo Runners?
Look forward to @indorunnersbdg in the Ngariung Humas Bandung event which will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of Diskominfo Bandung.

Stay tuned!