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Bandung, City of Flowers, is the provincial capital of West Java and Indonesia' s third largest city. Known in colonial times as the Paris of Java because of its European ambiance and sophistication, Bandung shares with Miami a fine legacy of Tropical Deco architecture dating from the 1920's.

Bandung and the mountain around it

Situated on a plateau in the beautiful Parahayangan mountains, Bandung's pleasant climate and lush surroundings have offered an escape from the heat of the lowlands since the mid 19th century when it was the heart of the region's most prosperous plantation area. Host to the historic Asia Africa conference in 1955, Bandung is now a center of higher education, commerce and aircraft industry which despite its modern amenities still retains much of its colonial era charm.

Tea plantation in Lembang, north of Bandung

Bandung is also renowned for its shopping, particularly for shoes, textiles, clothing and denims which are found in the colourful Jeans street. Easily reached from Jakarta by train, road or air (the scenic train trip is recommended), Bandung, with its cool mountain air is a popular second stop for those visiting the national capital and an essential stay-over for travellers enroute through Java.

another stylish fashion house at Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung

The people of Bandung, sundanesse, possess an uncommon warmth along courtesy, friendliness and politeness. They have a strong sense of helping each other when in need. Moreover, the women of the Bandung region are known for their beauty. All of that makes you feel at home when you are in Bandung.

Beside those, Bandung still have many interesting place to see...

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Resital Biola
1-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

Volga Male Vokal
1-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

Pameran Pendidikan, Kesehatan dan Perlengkapan Anak
12-4-2007,in Graha Manggala Siliwangi Jl. Aceh 66

Cinema France Festival
13-4-2007,in Blitz Megaplex

Violin Concert
13-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

Baby & Kids Festival
15-4-2007,in Area Parkir Depan Pasteur Hyper Point

Pameran Pendidikan Tinggi, Pelatihan, dan Teknologi
2-4-2007,in Sabuga Jl. Taman Sari 73

Lomba Busana Kartini (Ibu & Anak-Anak)
21-4-2007,in Area Parkir Depan Pasteur Hyper Point

Connaissance Du Monde Java Sumatera
25-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

Bandung - Spanish Guitar Festival 2007
28-4-2007,in GK. Sunan Ambu STSI

Recital Piano
29-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

Resital Biola dan Piano Marie Schmit, Adhi Tanumihardja
6-4-2007,in Auditorium CCF

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