The City Government of Bandung is Determined to Realize an Anti-Corruption Local Government

The Bandung City Government (Pemkot) is committed to efforts to eradicate corruption at the local government level. This was conveyed by the Special Assistant Inspector of the Regional Inspectorate for the City of Bandung Riki Fachdiar Iskandar at the Regional Government Corruption Eradication Coordination Meeting and the Launching of the 2023 Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) Indicators.

Humas Kota Bandung Tuesday, 21 March 2023 15:27

"We always comply with the rules, and also do not carry out tasks that violate or contain elements of bribery, extortion, and corruption," said Riki at the Bandung Command Center, Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

He added, Bandung City Government also has a number of regulations, prevention and supervision of acts of corruption for employees.

In addition, he explained that collaboration between OPDs in the Bandung City Government in efforts to eradicate corruption had already been established. According to him, this is supported by advances in technology and the role of the city of Bandung as a smart city.

Previously, on the commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day (Hakordia) at the end of 2022, Riki also said that increasingly here, all layers of the public service apparatus in the city of Bandung are starting to apply the principles of shame and fear to commit acts of corruption.

In addition, the presence of various integrated public services, he said, had a big contribution in preventing corruption.

“Bandung has become a smart city. Smart city. When the label is already a smart city, the service is digital-based, there are very few spaces to commit crimes," he said.

“People's eyes are all over the place nowadays. The public can complain if there are indications of this (corruption). So in my opinion it is too bold (if there are officials who commit acts of corruption," he added.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Coordination and Supervision of the Corruption Eradication Committee, Brigadier General Didik Agung Widjanarko, said that efforts to eradicate regional corruption are expected to be carried out in at least 8 areas.

These include budget planning, procurement of goods and services, licensing, strengthening of the Government Internal Supervisory Apparatus (APIP), ASN management, optimizing regional taxes, managing regional property and village governance.

"A good government that prevents and is able to reduce corrupt practices in areas where improvements are made by local governments in the 8 areas of intervention will produce a prevention index in the areas that can be monitored in detail through the accessible Monitoring Center for Prevention or MCP," he said.

For information, the event was also followed by a discussion session regarding the launch of the MCP 2023 indicator. (ray)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Informatics Agency


Yayan A. Brilyana